Numbers of Nice

I am someone who likes to make lists. Lists are comforting, orderly, and provide a nice, alternative way of recounting experiences. While there are a lot of posts about the lovely city of Nice to come, in this post I want to summarize our stay in this wonderful city on the Côte d’Azur, in the form of a list.

Number of people seen in the streets with a baguette under their arms: 5

Number of cats we’ve seen: 2
Number of cats petted: 1
Number of times we saw tiny dogs: 27
Mosquito bites: 12

Number of old harps we’ve seen: 12
Number of old harps we’ve played: 0
Number of times we heared a canon being fired: 3

Number of acrobatic street performers: 4
Number of musical street performers: 6

Number of wedding parties we’ve seen: 4

Books bought: 1
Bookmarks bought: 1
Bookmarks gifted from Boyfriend: 1

Number of times I marveled at how blue the ocean is: 5.232
Times I went into said ocean: 3

Estimated number of breakfast items boyfriend consumed at the hotel’s buffet: 28
Times I wanted to get macarons: 5
Times I got macarons: 1
Weirdest icecream flavour I’ve tried: tomato with basil

Number of times people asked to see our pass sanitaire: 4
Number of times people should have asked to see our pass sanitaire but didn’t: 3

Distance walked: 18.8 kilometres (11.7 miles)
Pictures taken: 331
Videos filmed: 41


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