A relaxing day in Nice

Our last day in Nice was a fairly relaxing one. We slept in, I almost missed breakfast and though we had originally planned to go visit another city, Boyfriend has such blisters on his feet that we opted for a quiet day at the beach instead.

He sat down reading, while I went into the sea. The water was heavenly. The rocks did hurt my feet, but luckily I had learned from my mistakes on my last visit, and I was wearing special water shoes so I could actually walk. I could really recommend buying these if you’re visiting the city and want to spent some time on the beach.

I spent quite some time in the water. It was so warm and nice and I could float a bit. Oh can I go back again?

We stayed here for an hour or two, swimming, enjoying the sun and eating the slightly melted macaroons we bought the previous day. For lunch, we had ice cream, because, why not? Fenocchio for me and bubblewaffle ice cream for Boyfriend. It was all so so yummy!

We went shopping in the afternoon. We left the old city and ventured into the newer parts where all the cool kids hang out. There were some really cool shops, like the Pimkie, an amazing clothes store you’ll only find in France and Pylones, which sold all kinds of cute stuff. I bought a perfume vaporizer and, for some reason, got a free toothbrush when I signed up for the newsletter. Score!

We had dinner at Chez Juliette, a cute little place that we had walked by a couple of times before. The napkin rings had flowers, and so did the menu. The menu also had a note: please don’t steal them. It probably happened more than once… Anyway, we had a classic French dinner and there was an accordion player right next to us, to give it even more of a French vibe.

Boyfriend had the onion soup for starters, then we both had the coq au vin as a main course and we ended with a crème brûlée pour moi and some kind of pear with chocolate for the boyfriend. It was all very yummy.

We ended the night on a high as we heard fireworks when we walked back to the hotel. Now, we’ve heard the canon go off at noon every day, but this was different and we weren’t quite sure what we heard until we were done climbing the hill where the hotel lay. Fireworks! The city celebrated its 77th year of freedom and the coordinated fireworks were absolutely beautiful. We could watch from our hotel room and it was absolutely stunning!


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