Trips of 2021

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a very happy Christmas! As the new year is approaching, I’d like to look back at 2021. Just as last time, this year was different than we’d all hoped and expected. It’s easy to focus on the negative but I want to look at the positive things. Because a lot of good did happen this year for me and there was room to travel. It was a difficult year in some ways but there were also some events that I can happily look back on. Getting engaged was definitely the highlight of my year and I can surely say that my wedding will be one of the highlights for 2022!

Travelwise, there were still some really cool trips that I took. Time for an overview!

Star Cubicle, Twente and Ootmaarsum

We had booked a tiny house called a Star Cubicle for a weekend in Januari. The idea was lovely, unplugging on the countryside, going on walks, visit the city of Ootmarsum, eating marshmallows by the fire, and watch the stars from our bed, as the tiny house had a glass dome on the roof. Two unexpected things happened this weekend. First, we didn’t see any stars because it was snowing (which doesn’t really happen a lot in my country) and secondly, I got engaged! Boyfriend asked me when we got home but the memory is still linked with this getaway ♥

Amsterdam Beach

A couple of months later, we went on another trip in our own country, namely a weekend getaway to the beach near Amsterdam: Zandvoort, where we also saw some tulip fields and tried to find some deer. It wasn’t the most exciting location for a getaway, but it was lovely and we had a great time.

Yoga Retreat

I’ve wanted to do a yoga retreat for quite some time now, so last year, I thought, I’m just going to sign up for one! It got postponed again and again, but finally, in the summer of 2021, I was able to go. It was in my own country, not too far from my house, but it was a whole new experience for me. I wrote a very long blog about it, take a read if you haven’t yet!


When summer came, the lockdowns were over and we were free to go. Since covid started, I’ve been dying to visit Nice again and when the time came, we could finally go. We set out on a roadtrip, but had a stopover in Dijon before we headed towards the sea. Dijon was another really lovely city, with a whole different vibe than Nice.

Two Times Nice [of: Double Nice]

Nice was amazing. The weather was fantastic, the sea as blue as it could be and we had an amazing time. We went to the beach, explored Cimiez Hill and got locked in a couple of times…

Unfortunately, the trip I had been looking forward to for years, was cut short due to some family circumstances. So we couldn’t stay as long as we had wanted. But that just meant that we could go back a month later, when the weather was even better and the sun was shining fiercely, and we the ocean was at the best possible temperature.

We were still able to do all the things we had wanted, like visit the old city, Castle Hill, Palais Lascaris, Museum Mamac and just spending some time relaxing. It was amazing and even though I now have been in this city twice this year, I still want to go back!


Because two times France in one year isn’t enough, we also went to Paris this year to shop for wedding rings! What better city to buy them in? And we decided to go for the weekend, so we could also do some sightseeing by night and visit the Louvre!

Days out

We also had some days out where we did fun things. We saw deer in Amsterdam, went to Delft and Breda, took a walk with alpaca’s, saw Bob Ross’ art and a lot of birds.

Travelwise, it was a pretty good year, still. I didn’t do all the things I had wanted. We didn’t really visit Belgium or Germany, or the United Kingdom, but we did go to Nice twice and visited Paris. Hopefully, next year will be filled with even more adventure!


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