I’m Mariska, 24 years old and I live in the Netherlands. Since this is a travel blog,
you probably already figured out that I love to travel. I also love to 49068173_1579905035445513_6051402267712552960_oread and write, and play the ukulele.

I always kinda envied all those travel bloggers. That, apparently, traveling could also be your job. To go anywhere in the world, staying in the most amazing hotels and just live a wonderful life.
I wanted that. But then I discovered that I also really love to be home. I live with my boyfriend and our two cats (Danu and Morrigan) and I really love to sit on my couch with a nice cup of tea, a cat on my lap, and a good book. Then I figured, why not do both.

In this blog I wanna show you guys that you don’t need to be a travel blogger to be a travel blogger, if that makes sense. You can have a job, a home and go on a few trips a year to explore. So, go explore ♥