A bucketlist is a great way to keep track of the places you wanna visit and the things you want to do. My list keeps getting longer and longer, but I’m happy to cross some things off now and then. On this page you’ll find my bucketlist, of things I wanna do and things I have already done!

  1. See the Northern Lights (Did it!)
  2. See the Southern Lights
  3. Drive a Vespa in Italy (Vespa Roadtrip?)
  4. Go on a safari in Africa
  5. Play the songs of the Sound of Music on Ukulele in Salzburg
  6. Visit the Harry Potter Theme Park
  7. Swim with Dolphins (cruelty free)
  8. Go see the tulip fields in the Netherlands (Did it!)
  9. See Venice from a gondola (Did it!)
  10. See the penguins at Boulder’s Beach
  11. Visit the lotus pond in Kusatsu
  12. Go on an alpine slide in Switzerland
  13. Visit Hobbiton
  14. Go to Stars Hollow
  15. Sleep in an overwater bungalow
  16. Travel in a hot air balloon
  17. See the Taj Mahal
  18. Eat sushi in Tokyo
  19. Explore the Great Barrier Reef
  20. See the cherry blossom in Kyoto
  21. Go on a yoga retreat (Did it!)
  22. Recreate Alice’s river trip
  23. Visit the royal Portuguese cabinet of reading, Rio de Janeiro
  24. Stay in the Georgian House Wizard Chambers in London
  25. Visit Alice’s fantasy restaurant in Tokyo
  26. Have a drink at the Cauldron in London
  27. Drink cendol in Indonesia
  28. Visit Dracula’s castle (Bran Castle)
  29. Go for a ride on the Hogwarts Express
  30. Visit the ten most famous bookstores, (3/10) according to lithub.com
  31. Go for a ride on a dog sled (Did it!)
  32. Stay a night in a cottage booked at North Shire
  33. Visit the pink church in Vietnam
  34. See the Sunrise from a broad view
  35. Celebrate Saint Paddy’s in Ireland
  36. See the goat tree
  37. Sing Mamma Mia songs in Santorini
  38. Visit Cook & Book in Brussel
  39. Find Nessie
  40. Do the chocolate tour in Zaragoza
  41. Interrail
  42. Visit the Harry Potter Studios in London
  43. Visit London during Christmas time
  44. Drive an oldtimer (Did it!)
  45. Do a colorrun
  46. Visit the Upside Down House UK
  47. Go to a big Christmas fair (Did It!)
  48. Join in La Tomatina Festival
  49. Spend a weekend in Disneyland (Did it!)
  50. Visit a light festival
  51. Watch a musical on broadway
  52. Visit Nyan Nyan Ji in Kyoto (Meow Meow Shrine)
  53. Unplug on a sunny beach for a couple of days
  54. Visit a Daruma fair
  55. Join in a Lantern Festival
  56. See a drive-in movie
  57. Visit Sintra, Portugal
  58. Ride on the Venice-Simplon Orient Express
  59. Climb a mountain