Scaredy-Cat goes to Africa

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Some people say you have to step out of your comfort zone once in a while, do things that you’re afraid of, in order to truly live. Well, I’m scared of a lot of things. Lots of those fears I don’t want to face (somebody else can kill that spider, thank you very much) but when it comes to traveling, I do want to face them. I’m curious to meet new people, have new experiences, taking in new sceneries, and smell and taste things I’ve never tasted or smelled before. But also I’m a bit scared of the unknown. Traveling to places you’ve never been before means stepping out of said comfort zone and experience all those new things. Though it is scary, not knowing what you can expect.

So far, I’ve never traveled outside Europe. The first time on an airplane was scary (how is this thing able to fly?!), the first time being in a country where I didn’t know the language was scary, and going to a place where it was minus 25 degrees (celcius) and driving a snowscooter was absolutely terrifying. But I did all of those things and, apart from the snowscooter, I’m not afraid of them anymore.

I’m aching to see what’s out there, traveling to other continents than just Europe. But where to start? I feel free and confident in the western world. It’s where I grew up. Everything else is unfamiliar. New and exciting, but scary. Which continent do I want to travel next. America? Asia?

Next week I’ll be going to Seville, Spain and when I was planning for this trip, I was looking for daytours we could do. I saw some great trips, for example to Cadiz or to Granada. But then my eye caught something else. A daytour to Tangier, Morocco. A tour, with a group. Probably super touristic, but who cares. It’s a way to explore a new world, a new continent I haven’t gone to before. We decided to just go for it, not be afraid and take the leap. We got the passports and the shots (Yes I was afraid of the shots too). The first time outside Europe, even if it’s only for a day. I cannot wait!


Romance in Venezia

20180503_234604.jpgHe gets out of the bus first and then he holds out his hand so I can descend the little stairs easily and step into the night, onto the wet pavement. Backpacks on our backs, hand in hand, we walk through a city that appears to be sleeping. It’s near midnight and the moon is shining bright through the clouds. It is raining. There is no one to be seen in the little alleyways. We are exploring this city we have never seen before, in a way that not many people do. The little bridges are lighted by only the streetlights and the water seems to sparkle. I look at him and my heart swells. He is on his knees, taking a picture of the glittering water, trying to catch the reflection of this gorgeous city. Then he turns around and looks at me. Our clothes are soaked and our hair is sticking to our faces, but we don’t care. We look at each other and the way the light catches in his eyes, makes me think of our very first kiss. So similar, four years later, on our anniversary trip to Venice ♥

Why I could never have imagined myself wanting to travel the world

Guinness Lake, Ireland

I am SO bad at geography. Seriously, it’s not even funny. In high school, I always got the lowest possible score for that subject. I just really didn’t care where I could find the Mississippi river or what the capital of Honduras is. But now, I’d like to go everywhere. Visit cities and countries I’ve never been before, see nature’s wonders and who knows, maybe actually take a boatride on the Mississippi…
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Cat art and zebra’s


Your own country can be as amazing as a place far, far away. Last week I posted a list of six things that I still want to do in my own country, to visit places and museums I’ve never been before. One of the things on my list was going to Vianen and see cat art in the Stedelijk Museum.

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Let’s get this started!

Veluwe, Netherlands

So, it’s finally time for my first blogpost on this new blog! Hi! I’ve been thinking about starting a travelblog for a while now, because I love traveling (obviously), and I also really love photography which is, if you ask me, a perfect combination. I am already a bookblogger for quite some time now, and I will still be doing that, for I love reading as much as I love traveling. But I wanted to try something new, too.

I’ve hesitated for a while to start this blog, because I don’t travel 24/7. I’m just a normal girl, living a normal life and having a normal job. Okay, that’s not quite fair, because my job is the best: I literally buy books for a living. What more could a booklover want? But I always thought being a travelblogger meant you had to always be somewhere other than home. And I really love to be home as well.

But then I realized that this was something that I really wanted to do. So why not try? Life is too short to only dream, so why not travel to <insert the place you’ve always wanted to go> right now, and why not start a travel blog if you really want to?