Disneyland Guide for the Ordinary Traveler

Wanderlust Wonderland brings you: a travel guide for ordinary travelers, with must-sees, tips and tricks and the most delicious food, for ordinary travelers, like you and me.

Two weeks ago I shared a travel guide to Paris, but what is Paris without a visit to Disneyland? You could easily take a trainride from the city to the amusement park to spend a day there, or rather stay a couple of days in the happiest place on earth. I asked my sister-in-law, Suzanne, who is the biggest Disneyland fan I know, about the best places to eat, to stay, and tips and tricks.

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Walt Disney Studios

When visiting Disneyland Paris, you can choose between two theme parks. The main park is Disneyland Park and right next to it is Walt Disney Studios. Studios is a lot smaller, but it has its own charm and amazing rides. After spending two days in the main park, it was time to visit this one, for I had never been there before.

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Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch

When we were booking my birthday weekend in Disneyland, and decided we wanted to go for three days, of course we had to think about where we wanted to stay. Now, Disneyland Paris has some great options for hotels and we hadn’t tried any of them yet. After comparing prices and themes, we settled on Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch.

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Dinner in Disneyland

Visiting Disneyland Paris for three days means eating in (at least) three different restaurants. There’s a lot of restaurants to chose from, but we planned ahead and choose some of the most amazing restaurants, namely Rainforest Cafe, Plaza Gardens, Bella Notte and the best one: Chez Remy!

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Celebrating my birthday in the happiest place on earth

A few months ago I had this awesome thought. On my birthday, I want to wake up in Disneyland. I convinced the boyfriend (which didn’t take that long) and we booked a happy weekend away from january 31st to february 2nd. Last weekend, the weeks of waiting had finally come to an end and it was time for three days of rollercoasters and happiness!

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Star Trek rollercoasters and winning Pokémon: A day in Movie Park Germany

A while back, we had dinner at La Cubanita, a Cuban tapas restaurant in our hometown. They had this deal where you could spend a bit more on your diner, in exchange for vouchers you could use to visit a theme park. The park we choose was one I always wanted to go to, but never actually visited: Movie Park Germany!

As the name suggests, the theme park is based on movies. The park had different areas such as The old west with a Walking Dead escape room, Hollywood street set where you could meet people dressed as movie stars like Marilyn Monroe, Santa Monica Pier that was based on filmlocations in the US, Streets of New York and Nickland for the little ones, based on television shows that are shown on Nickelodeon.

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A trip down memory lane in an abandoned theme park


As a child, I loved going to themeparks. Actually, I still do, but this is a trip down memory lane, so that doesn’t really matter right now. We’ve been to the Efteling a lot, but another theme park we often went to, mostly on schooltrips, was Het Land van Ooit, which roughly translates as ‘The land of Ever’. Which is super ironic, because it’s completely empty now. A wasteland. The park went bankrupt a couple years ago. I hadn’t really thought about it anymore, but recently I came across an article that said the park was now open to visitors. Naturally, I couldn’t wait to go!

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Fairy tale Forest and Rollercoasters

Yesterday it was Boyfriend’s birthday and as a surprise, I took him to the Efteling, a theme park in the Netherlands that focuses on fairy tales. When I was a kid, we went every year because this theme park is amazing and definitely a must when visiting the Netherlands!

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