Tiptoe through the Tulips

DSC06113The tulip season has started! One of the things the Dutch are famous for, are the tulips. And now they are in full bloom! I had never seen the tulip fields, so I decided to change that. A week ago, we finally went to see them, and they were so stunning!
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How to see the world when you also have to work

York, United Kingdom

Maybe it’s weird to start with a side note, but side note: I was looking through my pictures of our trip to England last year and I really liked this photo so I wanted to use it for this post. When I uploaded it, I saw that there’s a rainbow flag on top of that building. I didn’t even see that before. Go England!

Anyways, I told you guys that I (kind of) envied all those travel bloggers that don’t have a regular job, as traveling¬†is their job. How amazing would that be? It got me thinking and I realized I don’t want that life (more about that later). But working doesn’t mean you can’t see the world. Okay, maybe you can’t go for a roadtrip through Australia for seven weeks, but you can travel and see the world. And this is how.

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