Scaredy-Cat GETS LOST in Morocco

It was amazing spending a day in another city, another continent even, when we were traveling to Seville. We had chosen a daytour to Tanger in Morocco, which was way out of my comfortzone. But we had such a lovely day and I’m super glad we went. We had seen camels and caves and after that, it was time for lunch.

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First time in another Continent: Camels and Caves in Morocco

When we were planning our trip to Seville, we were also looking at daytours for visiting another city nearby. We decided to step out of our comfort zone and booked a tour to another continent, namely: Tanger in Morocco, which was scary and awesome at the same time.

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Scaredy-Cat goes to Africa

Some people say you have to step out of your comfort zone once in a while, do things that you’re afraid of, in order to truly live. Well, I’m scared of a lot of things. Lots of those fears I don’t want to face (somebody else can kill that spider, thank you very much) but when it comes to traveling, I do want to face them. I’m curious to meet new people, have new experiences, taking in new sceneries, and smell and taste things I’ve never tasted or smelled before. But also I’m a bit scared of the unknown. Traveling to places you’ve never been before means stepping out of said comfort zone and experience all those new things. Though it is scary, not knowing what you can expect.

So far, I’ve never traveled outside Europe. The first time on an airplane was scary (how is this thing able to fly?!), the first time being in a country where I didn’t know the language was scary, and going to a place where it was minus 25 degrees (celcius) and driving a snowscooter was absolutely terrifying. But I did all of those things and, apart from the snowscooter, I’m not afraid of them anymore.

I’m aching to see what’s out there, traveling to other continents than just Europe. But where to start? I feel free and confident in the western world. It’s where I grew up. Everything else is unfamiliar. New and exciting, but scary. Which continent do I want to travel next. America? Asia?

Next week I’ll be going to Seville, Spain and when I was planning for this trip, I was looking for daytours we could do. I saw some great trips, for example to Cadiz or to Granada. But then my eye caught something else. A daytour to Tangier, Morocco. A tour, with a group. Probably super touristic, but who cares. It’s a way to explore a new world, a new continent I haven’t gone to before. We decided to just go for it, not be afraid and take the leap. We got the passports and the shots (Yes I was afraid of the shots too). The first time outside Europe, even if it’s only for a day. I cannot wait!