Northern Lights guide for ordinary travelers

Last week I wrote about how this quarantaine is a way to self-reflect, to think about what you want out of your life. What are your dreams and what has been holding you back to actually achieve them?

Lots of people have the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, written down on their bucketlists and the picture above shows why. The Northern Lights are magical and inspiring and it’s a dream for many a traveler to see them. Since last year, I am lucky enough to say that I have seen them on our trip to Lapland. And it was everything I had hoped for. A worthy bucketlist goal, indeed!

It’s time to start following our dreams. So here’s a guide for the ordinary traveler on the when and wheres of the Northern Lights. And some tips and tricks to take some pictures of this magic!

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A dream come true

I saved the best for last. Of course, one of the main reasons we went to Lapland, was to see the Northern Lights. The predictions weren’t that good, so the week before we went, I was kinda scared that we wouldn’t be able to see them. But we were so incredibly lucky, because we saw them. Three nights in a row ♥

When we arrived at the pinetree lodge on sunday, we were already kinda tired from getting up early to catch the plane, and from the journey. The lodge had these door hangers which said ‘wake me up when there’s northern lights!’ Of course we put it on our door when we went to bed, but I actually wanted to sleep really bad. They didn’t wake us that night.

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