Ruin of Brederode

Because we can’t travel outside of our country now corona is flaring up again, we continue finding things to do within our own borders. We had visited Alkmaar and the cheese museum, went back in time on our trip to the Zaanse Schans and now we set out for an old castle, or rather, what was left of it: The ruin of Brederode.

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Fleeing the quarantine

At times, this quarantine is really getting to me. One week I’m doing great, working and writing posts and feeling productive, but last week was not like that. I had a headache and felt dizzy, spent every day in my pyjama’s watching Netflix and doing nothing at all, until eventually, I was done with it. Banging on the bars of my cell, otherwise known as my windows, crying and screaming to get out.

I felt locked-up, going crazy with need for adventure, for doing something else than spending time at home. I just really need to go. The next day, Boyfriend had searched for a few stops nearby, places where we wouldn’t run into a lot of people, but where I could get some fresh air and a change of scenery, even only for a couple of hours, without the risk of getting sick or contaminating others.

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