Cat cuddling in Amsterdam

After visiting Wondr, we wandered through the streets of Amsterdam. We had quite some time to kill but after wandering the lovely streets and visiting the Waterstones, it was time for our next stop, namely: the cat café, Kopjes.

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Leeds & the Kitty Cafe

After two amazing days in York, it was time for another city. On our third day, we got up early to take the train from York to Leeds, a small city where we spent a brief time in on our very first day. It was a short day in which we visited the kitty cafe and the Art Gallery.

Boyfriend was invited to present his master thesis at the International Medieval Congress in Leeds, which was the reason we visited England in the first place. He wanted to spend the day at the congress, visiting other lectures, while I spent the day discovering Leeds with his mum, who was also there to see his presentation at the end of the day.

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Six things I want to do in my own country (part two)

Why not be a tourist in your own country? I’m certain there are a lot of beautiful or amazing things to do there that you haven’t done yet. I wrote down six things I wanted to do in the Netherlands and when I posted this list, I almost immediately came up with some other new things I haven’t done before. Time for a second list!

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