Best bookstores in the Netherlands

For those of you who know me, or who have been following this blog for a while, know I’m a huge bookworm. I always look up books to read that are set in the area I’m visiting or written by authors from that country. In addition to that, I always love to find the best bookstores in town and have a list of bookstores I still want to visit. In today’s post, I want to show you all of the beautiful bookstores my own country has to offer! Time for a list of the 3 must-visit bookstores in the Netherlands!

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The most gorgeous bookstore in Maastricht

Just before the borders to the rest of Europe opened for us, we did a little bit of exploring our own country. Maastricht had been on my list for a while. I had been there once before and remembered the gorgeous bookstore that I really wanted to pay a visit to another time. And so we did!

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Six things I want to do in my own country

Last week I posted something about how you can manage to travel and see the world, when you also have a (fulltime) job. One of the things I listed was that you can also travel your own country or your own neighbourhood. Find new things to explore, new restaurants or museums. You probably haven’t tried all of them yet. I figured, why not give an example and look for things in the Netherlands that I still want to do. Time for a bucketlist!

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