Castles and Literature in Lisbon

Do you know what I always love about traveling? Discovering new authors. We went to Lisbon with our student’s association and because we were all literature students, bookstores, libraries and literary museums were always part of the program. It was in Lisbon that I discovered one of my favourite authors.

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Wandering the streets of Lisbon

I must have said ‘We gotta go back to Lisbon’ a hundred times this last week. I wanted to go back to blogging about my past travels and there was one city that I hadn’t covered yet: Lisbon. I am looking at my photos and I see this gorgeous city that I visited six years ago, but which I forgot to document. It was one of my first few trips and at that time, I apparently did not feel the need to document my travels. So I got a lot of photos and some stories, though maybe not as detailed as usual.

I remember the Saramago museum, I remember a homeless man stealing a melon from our picnick (stay tuned, this is a great story) and I remember how fun the Fado museum was after drinking just a little bit too much sangria…

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