feeding REINDEER in Lapland

I must have taken about 500 pictures of reindeer on our trip. On our second day in Lapland, we went to a Reindeer Corral and there were a lot of reindeer we could pet and feed. I don’t think I have ever seen these animals before and it was so cool to see them up close. There were some cute little babies, some ‘holy’ white ones and one that was a tad aggressive and tried to steal my scarf…

The people that live in Lapland are called the Sami and they are the official owners of the reindeer. They are wild animals, but they do have trackers so the Sami can always know where they are. The reindeer corral we went to, is a place the reindeer can go if they want a bit more food in the winter. They can come and go as they please. And I figured they must want some extra food, because there were a lot of them.

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