A quiet place in Roma: Borghese Gardens & Spanish steps

In the past three days we had seen a lot of the highlights that Rome has to offer. Originally, on our fourth and last day in the city, we wanted to do a daytrip to visit another place for a bit. But by this time we had already walked so far, our feet blistered and our bodies tired, that we decided to spend a relaxing day in the most beautiful gardens of Rome instead.

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Wandering through Rome

After visiting the Foro Romano for a couple of hours and then spending some time at the Colosseum, Boyfriend and I were ready for siësta. Never mind that it was already half past four, we needed a break. So we spent some time in our hotel. Sleeping, reading, resting. Until my stomach was growling so much we had to get out for, what would be, the best dinner we would have in our week in Italy…

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The oldest parts of the Eternal City: Guide to Foro Romano

When we suddenly changed our plans and went to Rome for the summer instead of Iceland, we made a (small) list of the absolute (and obvious) highlights of the city that we didn’t want to miss. On our first day in the city, we could cross off the Trevi Fountain and for our second day, we wanted to explore the oldest parts of the city, ticking off the boxes to the Colosseum and the Foro Romano. Again, the city was as quiet as it had ever been before and we had hours to explore the ancient ruins by ourselves.

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