A quiet place in Roma: Borghese Gardens & Spanish steps

In the past three days we had seen a lot of the highlights that Rome has to offer. Originally, on our fourth and last day in the city, we wanted to do a daytrip to visit another place for a bit. But by this time we had already walked so far, our feet blistered and our bodies tired, that we decided to spend a relaxing day in the most beautiful gardens of Rome instead.

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Photo Gallery: Rome without tourists

When months passed and it didn’t seem like the corona virus would be over soon, it became more and more clear that we had to postpone our trip to Iceland. Instead, we booked a trip to Italy. I had never been to Rome and now seemed the perfect time, for we knew not a lot of tourists would be able to visit the city. Only travelers from inside the EU were allowed to visit Italy and we knew that a lot of those people weren’t ready to travel yet. So we booked our trip and as it turned out: we were right. Rome was empty.

It was wonderful to have the place to ourselves and we know that not a lot of people will see Rome the way we saw it. I feel extremely lucky to be able to travel right now and to see one of the most busy cities in Europe like this. Time for a picture gallery of the most famous tourist attractions that Rome has to offer, without the tourists!

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