Top 3 places I wanna go when quarantine is over

Hey! How is everyone doing? Things are starting to turn back to normal, though they are calling it ‘the new normal‘ in my country. We’re going to have to keep working from home and keep a meter and a half distance between ourselves. The phrase ‘the new normal’ is a way of saying: just get used to it.

But things are looking up. Schools and libraries are open, as well as dentists and hairdressers. This week museums and restaurants will open up as well and every few weeks we’ll get some new liberties. Traveling outside of your own country, however, is still on hold, though I have heard some desperate cries from countries that offer to pay you back a part of your travel costs if you’re visiting this year, so they can get income from tourism. Maybe there’s hope after all.

So maybe it’s time to start dreaming again. Here’s my top three places I want to visit when I’m allowed again!

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Guinness Lake and Glendalough

On our fourth and last day in Dublin, we decided to take a tour to see some of Ireland’s beautiful nature. We had planned to cycle to Powerscourt Estate but it was raining and also, the Irish drive on ‘the wrong side of the road’ and that’s just difficult. So instead, we looked for tours and found a great tour with PaddyWagon, that would take us to see Glendalough.

Our tourbus was late, but to make up for it, our guide Frank took us to see the Guinness Lake. Which was absolutely breathtaking. We took hundreds of pictures but they don’t quite capure the magnificence.

The Guinness Lake is actually called Lough Tay and is part of the Wicklow Mountains. It was so awesome standing there, taking in the view and feel the crisp clean air fill your lungs.

We set on to Glendalough while our tourguide talked about Ireland and its history. It was all very interesting, though it took me a few seconds to understand his accent.

Glendalough is an Irish valley in the national park Wicklow mountains, and it’s about an hour and a half away from Dublin.

We just walked around for a bit, taking in everything. It was a wonderful place to be. At one point it started raining, but we didn’t care, we just had fun. When the rain stopped, the sun broke through the clouds and it gave the whole place a somewhat golden glow. It was beautiful.

Way too soon, we were to leave again. I could have wandered around for hours, but alas. Our bus took us back to Dublin. The tourguide stayed silent this time, because a lot of people wanted to sleep in the bus. Boyfriend also fell asleep, so I talked a bit with the girl that was sitting behind us. It’s so nice to meet new people from all over the world. She came from Japan and we talked, almost the whole ride, about our countries and the differences.

Back in Dublin, we had diner at Grand Central and then we went back to our hotel for our last night in Dublin.

Dogsledding through the snow

In total, we spent 4 days in Lapland. We arrived on Sunday, which is when we went to the Snow Village. On monday we explored the Swedish North by snow scooter, which was super scary but also super fun. On tuesday, we went for a ride with a dog sled and it was absolutely amazing.

This was one of the activities I was most excited about. It’s an adventure I have seen in movies and read about in books and I couldn’t wait to experience it myself!

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Let’s get this started!

So, it’s finally time for my first blogpost on this new blog! Hi! I’ve been thinking about starting a travelblog for a while now, because I love traveling (obviously), and I also really love photography which is, if you ask me, a perfect combination. I am already a bookblogger for quite some time now, and I will still be doing that, for I love reading as much as I love traveling. But I wanted to try something new, too.

I’ve hesitated for a while to start this blog, because I don’t travel 24/7. I’m just a normal girl, living a normal life and having a normal job. Okay, that’s not quite fair, because my job is the best: I literally buy books for a living. What more could a booklover want? But I always thought being a travelblogger meant you had to always be somewhere other than home. And I really love to be home as well.

But then I realized that this was something that I really wanted to do. So why not try? Life is too short to only dream, so why not travel to <insert the place you’ve always wanted to go> right now, and why not start a travel blog if you really want to?