Venice guide for ordinary travelers

Wanderlust Wonderland brings you: a travel guide for ordinary travelers, with must-sees, tips and tricks and the most delicious food, for ordinary travelers, like you and me.

The corona virus has a strong hold on all of us. A lot of countries are in lockdown or in only-go-out-when-you-absolutely-have-to mode. I’m working from home, only going outside to do groceries and though I love being home and being able to spend time with boyfriend and the kitties, I also really want to travel again. And I’m struggling with this blog, because I don’t have that much content to write about.

I was thinking what I wanted to post about and then I remembered the pictures I saw from last week. Because all of us are staying home, because lots of companies have shut down, because of less and less flights, nature is flourishing and on a small scale, we are seeing polluted areas of nature recover. I’ve seen so many pictures of blue channels in Venice, with actual fish, dolphins and crocodiles swimming in it! I really hope those are not photoshopped, because it made me really happy. And it made me want to go back to Venice. So, time for a travel guide, in hopes we will be able to travel again soon!

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Why I fell in love with Venice

I absolutely fell in love with Venice. The city has been on my bucketlist forever but we decided to go there only a week before we actually did. And it was the most romantic trip. We walked in the rain at night, saw some of Venice’s highlights and took a gondola ride. In this post I’d like to share some more stories and photo’s from this mesmerizing citytrip.

I’m not sure if I can describe why I fell in love with this city. I feel like it just has everything. Though it sometimes rained (which can actually be quite romantic, we all know the scenes in movies where a couple kisses or dances in the rain), it was still warm and I could walk around in a cute dress. The whole setting with the canals and the bridges is the most romantic setting I can think of. And the buildings are just so gorgeous. The city really has a wonderful architecture that is a combination of gothic and the renaissance.

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Veni, Vidi, Venice!

For our fourth year anniversary last year, we wanted to do something special. About a week before, the thought occured to me that we could go away for the weekend, to a romantic city abroad. And what city is more romantic than Venice?

We left Thursday night. After work, I drove home to pick up Boyfriend, who had packed our bags. Then we drove on to the airport and a few hours later, we were in the most romantic city I have ever seen.

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Romance in Venezia

He gets out of the bus first and then he holds out his hand so I can descend the little stairs easily and step into the night, onto the wet pavement. Backpacks on our backs, hand in hand, we walk through a city that appears to be sleeping. It’s near midnight and the moon is shining bright through the clouds. It is raining. There is no one to be seen in the little alleyways. We are exploring this city we have never seen before, in a way that not many people do. The little bridges are lighted by only the streetlights and the water seems to sparkle. I look at him and my heart swells. He is on his knees, taking a picture of the glittering water, trying to catch the reflection of this gorgeous city. Then he turns around and looks at me. Our clothes are soaked and our hair is sticking to our faces, but we don’t care. We look at each other and the way the light catches in his eyes, makes me think of our very first kiss. So similar, four years later, on our anniversary trip to Venice ♥