Why I fell in love with Venice

I absolutely fell in love with Venice. The city has been on my bucketlist forever but we decided to go there only a week before we actually did. And it was the most romantic trip. We walked in the rain at night, saw some of Venice’s highlights and took a gondola ride. In this post I’d like to share some more stories and photo’s from this mesmerizing citytrip.

I’m not sure if I can describe why I fell in love with this city. I feel like it just has everything. Though it sometimes rained (which can actually be quite romantic, we all know the scenes in movies where a couple kisses or dances in the rain), it was still warm and I could walk around in a cute dress. The whole setting with the canals and the bridges is the most romantic setting I can think of. And the buildings are just so gorgeous. The city really has a wonderful architecture that is a combination of gothic and the renaissance.

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