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Hi there! Welcome to this bookish page! If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’re a bookwurm just like me! Besides traveling, I love books because books can make you travel everywhere, even in the comfort of your own home. When I’m planning a trip, I’m always looking for books that are set in the area that I’m visiting, or books that are written by authors from that area or country. It seemed like fun to incorporate this into this blog, by means of a ‘traveling bookworm’ page.

I read a lot and lots of different books. I studied comparative literature and children’s literature and I’m interested in children’s books, young adults, fantasy, literature and lately I’ve also developed an interest to thrillers. The books on this list are my own recommendations. If you have some books you feel I just need to read, please let me know!

Books to read if you love to travel

  • Sarah Mlynowski – I see London, I see France (Young Adult)
  • Sarah Baxter – Literary places (nonfiction)



  • Christine Féret-Fleury – The girl who reads on the metro (contemporary fiction)
  • Gaston Leroux – The phantom of the opera (literature)
  • A.G. Howard – Roseblood (Young Adult Retelling)


  • Michael Ende – The neverending story (children’s literature)


  • Bram Stoker – Dracula (literature)


  • Ernest Hemingway – The sun also rises (literature)
  • Guillermo del Toro – Pan’s Labyrinth (Young Adult Fantasy)


  • Mary Shelley – Frankenstein (literature)
  • Marcus Sedgewick – The monsters we deserve (historical fiction, horror)


  • Philip Reeve – Pugs of the frozen north (children’s literature)
  • Carole Matthews – Calling Mrs Christmas (romance)
  • Philip Pullman – The Northern Lights trilogy (Young Adult Fantasy)


  • Thomas Olde Heuvelt – Hex (thriller)


  • Astrid Lindgren – Ronia, the robber’s daughter (children’s literature)

United Kingdom

  • Lewis Carroll – Alice’s adventures in wonderland (children’s literature)
  • Melissa Daley – Molly and the Cat Café (romance, books about cats)
  • Laura Amy Schlitz – Fire Spell (young adult, historical fiction)


  • Tomi Adeyemi – Children of Blood and Bone (young adult fantasy)



  • Genki Kawamura – If cats disappeared from the world (literature)
  • Hiro Arikawa – The traveling cat chronicles (literature)

North America


  • Stephen King – It (horror)


  • Gillian Flynn – Gone Girl (thriller)


  • Patrick Ness – Release (Young Adult)

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