Wanderlust Wonderland

DSC05310If someone ask me, what is the most amazing place you have ever been, it’s not a difficult question. It’s obviously (Swedish) Lapland. One summer when it had been above 30 degrees (celcius) for weeks, I longed for some place cold. I started to google and discovered some amazing vacations to Lapland. A few months later, we went and it was absolutely incredible. It was so calm and peaceful. Snow and trees as far as the eye could see. A sense of being one with nature.

Lapland is an ethno-cultural region spread across the northern parts of Sweden, Finland, Norway and Russia. In winter, the temperature lies around -25 degrees (celcius). Traditional dishes are moose, reindeer, salmon and berries.

Things to do in Lapland: Go dogsledding, play in the snow, take a ride on a snowscooter, visit a reindeer farm, sleep under the stars and see the Northern Lights!

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-20 at 17.22.35
Walking in a winter wonderland
My snowscooter experience







Hotels made of snow and sleeping under the stars







Northern Lights ♥
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