The Netherlands

DSC06125Ah, my own small country. I’ve never paid that much attention to the Netherlands before I started this blog. It was always a place to get away from, to go on to better and prettier parts of the world. But then I thought, why explore other countries and cities and not my own? Lots of people travel to see my country, so why won’t I? I made some lists of things I wanted to do in my own country to see the beauty in it. And I’m really starting to appreciate all there is to see, so close to my home.

The Netherlands is the land of tulips. The land of wooden shoes (my grandfather actually wears them at home!). The land of kroketten and cheese. It’s where you can find Amsterdam, Utrecht and the Efteling. And me, if I’m not exploring some other part of the world ♥

Tiptoe through the tulips







Theme Park: Efteling
Little Venice: Giethoorn







Land van Ooit
WhatsApp Image 2019-04-20 at 22.15.01 (3)copy
The elephant parade







Cat art & zebra’s